DAS Venues

Used in large buildings, structures, campus-type settings and outdoor venues, DAS networks can accommodate a large number of people and a variety of frequency bands and technologies.

DAS is short for Distributed Antenna Systems that distribute radio frequency (RF) signals from a central point to antennas located throughout a facility to provide seamless wireless coverage and capacity. DAS does not provide Wi-Fi but rather enhances the signals of wireless carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.


Indoor DAS Installations

Carriers bring the antennas and radios closer to their customers, into buildings and other venues: Campuses, Stadiums/Arenas, Healthcare, Commercial Office Space, Retail/Malls, Hospitality, Government, Transportation/Airports, Outdoor Venues & more.


Head-in Builds

A modern DAS system will use fiber to connect the head-end to the RAUs and coax to the antennas.


Commissioning & Integration

Trained technicians capable of loading site commissioning files, troubleshooting, call testing and more to integrate new cells into an existing network.

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Case Study

Auburn University DAS | Fall of 2017

Install included multiple stages, completed turnkey by Onsite:

  • Clearing and grading of existing property
  • Setting of a new shelter to house the DAS equipment
  • An extremely complex ice-bridge that covered multiple runs of 4” pvc conduit to act as a raceway between shelters
  • The install of the DAS equipment inside the shelter
  • The commissioning, integration and call testing of the new equipment inside Auburn’s football stadium
  • Mass amounts of coordination between AAV providers, power companies, RF engineers, Auburn University personnel, DAS equipment owners, and cell carriers