Tower Modifications

From foundation modifications, tower/structural modifications, TIA inspections, to post modification inspections,
Onsite has you covered.


Foundation Modifications

Reinforcing or modifying existing foundations to further stabilize an existing tower or structure in order to allow additional equipment to be installed on the existing structure.


Tower/Structural Modifications

Structural modifications are sometimes required to accommodate a proposed condition change or to correct existing structural damage.


TIA Inspections

Perform the annual maintenance inspection, including measuring the tensions, twist and plumb of the tower, also providing maintenance recommendations for issues.


Post Modification Inspections

Third party inspection of the tower modifications after the completion of the modification installation.


Case Study #1

Pine Knot | Fall 2015

Foundation reinforcement to add stability to the tower base, to allow for additional equipment to be installed safely on the tower top without risk of the tower failing and falling or collapsing. The MOD required some precision detail to layout the forms and rebar to tie into the existing concrete foundation on this self-supporter.

Case Study #2

Fort Gordon | Spring of 2012

This tower MOD required:

  • Fabricating and installing bolt on plates on the side of a monopole
  • Installing a 3-1/2” steel threaded rod up the tower from 0’ – 150’
  • Running a rod into the foundation by way of a drilled hole and epoxy

Case Study #3

Shady Grove | Spring 2014

This Tower MOD involved four phases:

  1. Fabricating all new steel pieces
  2. Steel diagonal replacement from 220’ – 228’
  3. New steel horizontals and stitch plates from 182’ – 192’
  4. New steel half pipe welded to the outside of the existing tower leg from 220’ – 228’

All four phases were completed with utmost attention to both structural safety and fire safety, which included a running water source at 230’ on the cell tower for precautionary reasons.